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Ragels Ziegenhof
Claudia Ragels
Goatilicious LLC - Ragels Ziegenhof
2850 Bunker ST
New Braunfels, TX 78132

Phone number: 830 620 5980

write us:  drinkgoatmilk@aol.com
Contact Us
If I do not reply to you, please e-mail me again or call.
Call before you send a
deposit and when you do
make the check out to
"Claudia Ragels"
If you want us to contact you when we have milk available
information and we will be happy to let you know when we
are legally allowed to sell milk. Most likely this will be in
January or February 20017.

write us:  drinkgoatmilk@aol.com

or call:
830 620 5980
Anyone that wants to help us out can
donate here.  Every penny helps.
If we get the money together, we will be able
to sell milk and cheese here at our farm.
     Donate via paypal: