Goat Dairy Creamery Cheesery
Goatilicious LLC - Grade A Goat Dairy and Creamery
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    !!!We are a certified Grade A Dairy and Cheesery!!!
    We finally finished the back part of our Dairy building and have
    the milk room, tank room and Creamery finished and certified.
    The front part of the dairy is a different story and we still need to
    finish the store, soap kitchen and kitchen for cheese classes. We
    are taking it one step at a time.             
    Robert and Claudia Ragels

    We have milk available from the farm by
    appointment only. We only bottle if the milk is
    ordered, to insure that you get the freshest milk
    possible. We charge $16 per gallon. If interested
    please text Robert @ 830 335 8764

    Permit #482857
    Fresh Grade A Raw Goat Milk
    The goats enjoying the new bedding in the feed alley
    sorry no milk until February/March2020