Our Animals
Ragels Ziegenhof
Registered Nubian and  
LaMancha Dairy Goats
goat, that does well in the
show ring and in the milking

We have been breeding
registered Dairy goats since
1999. We are very happy with
our breeding program and
couldn't be prouder of our

In addition to our goats, we
also breed Miniature
Mediterranean Donkeys.

We have some horses and
sell the eggs from our
chickens and ducks.
Health of our goats is important to us
We take great pride in our animals and feed dairy quality alfalfa hay free
choice. We supplement our bucks and kids with a 17% medicated pellet and
goats are tested negative for CAE or have been raised on a CAE prevention
program by us. We bottle-feed all of our kids heat-treated colostrum and
pasteurized milk. Every birth is attended and all of the kids are removed from
their dams at birth. All of our goats are de-horned.

We provide free choice minerals and baking soda to all of our goats. All of
our goats are up to date on vaccination and are wormed regularly.

All of our bottle kids are on a coccidiosis prevention program from about 3
weeks old to weaning.