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Woodhaven Farms Way Too COOL
DOB 04/18/1997 Purebred Nigerian Dwarf
sire: MCH Jobi Goldsmith
ss: Piddlin Acres Poland
sd: Goodwood Minuet

dam: Woodhaven Farms Blue Bell
ds: Storybook Domino
dd: Hebron Farms Gabriella
sire: Sun Valley Balthasar
ss: Sandia Sunrise Solstess
sd: Prairie Wood Princess

DLP Fullcolor Cesamon
ds: Desert Mountain's Full Colour
dd: Ahsum Acres Splash Dance
Ragels Ziegenhof B's Goldbaer (blue eyes)
DOB 11/11/2005 Purebred Nigerian Dwarf
Ragels Ziegenhof BB Cool Pepsi (blue eyes)
DOB 05/06/2006 Purebred Nigerian Dwarf
sire: Woodhaven Farms Way too Cool
ss: MCH Jobi Goldsmith
sd: Woodhaven Farms Blue Bell

Ragels Ziegenhof Pebbles
ds: Saguaro Domino
dd: N.AZ.Anatonians Sweet Oreo
sire: MCH Twin Creeks Baywatch ++*S E'
ss: Twin Creeks Brave Heart +S
sd: MCH Piddlin Acres Tiny Bubbles *D E'

dam: Lost Valley KW Morgan 4*D
ds: Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood ++*S
dd: Lost Valley Treasure3 *D E
Lost Valley Cool Water
DOB 02/12/2006 Purebred Nigerian Dwarf
MCH Twin Creeks Baywatch ++*S E'
Lost Valley KW Morgan 4*D
Reference Nigerian bucks:
Saguaro Domino (Blue Eyes)
DOB 02/06/2002 Purebred Nigerian Dwarf
sire: Saguaro See Spot Run
ss: Prairie Wood Ol Blue Eyes
sd: Prairie Wood Twice the Spice

dam: Prairie Wood Vanilla Twist
ds: MCH Inavale RW Winchester
dd: Prairie Wood Sugar & Spice
CAE negative 05/08/07 WADDL
CAE negative 05/08/07 WADDL
As of today he had only blue eyed kids
For Sale
Nigerian Buck For Sale
Reduced to $200 (registered)
or $100 (not registered)